Wairakei Road

526 Wairakei Road
Christchurch 8053
359 6855

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330 Lincoln Road
Christchurch 8024
03 338 3312

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The Maxwells Drycleaning Group was formed in 1992 with the merger of Love-n-Care Drycleaners and the publicly listed Taylors Drycleaning Group. The subsequent expansion took the company to the forefront of the drycleaning industry making it the second largest in size in New Zealand.

The company expanded into Christchurch with the purchase of TLC Drycleaning in 1997, which had also evolved from the Taylors Group. The South Island branch of Maxwells Drycleaning is 100% Christchurch owned and operated.



Thank you so much for your fast action removing a stain on my granddaughters white dress. I really appreciate your generosity. I will certainly promote your business

Thank you so much for cleaning my felt hat the other day. It is my favourite hat and also my best one. To have it dirtied with bicycle grease was a bit of a trauma. I was told to take it to Maxwells as you were the best and so it proved. I am so grateful