Maxwells Drycleaning Profile

Maxwells Drycleaning Company Profile

The Maxwells Drycleaning Group was formed in 1992 with the merger of Love-n-Care Drycleaners and the publicly listed Taylors Drycleaning Group. The subsequent expansion took the company to the forefront of the drycleaning industry making it the second largest in size in New Zealand.

The company expanded into Christchurch with the purchase of TLC Drycleaning in 1997, which had also evolved from the Taylors Group. The South Island branch of Maxwells Drycleaning is 100% Christchurch owned and operated.

Maxwells Drycleaning (S.I) Ltd

Maxwells Drycleaning is the largest drycleaning operation in Christchurch with a cleaning plant situated in Birmingham Drive. Maxwells operates 5 retail stores and over 50 agencies throughout the City, plus they have a citywide free pickup and delivery service with 7 vans serving the business community.

Maxwells, due to its diverse collection and distribution network, is well suited to professionally dryclean or launder each and every sector of the market. We provide excellent service to many of Christchurch's leading hotels, motels and businesses. Maxwells are also heavily involved with the commercial business sector.

Christchurch's retail customers are well served with 7 up market Maxwells owned shops and over 50 agencies placed strategically throughout the city, providing quality and service second to none.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Maxwells Drycleaning does not promote itself as a price discounter. Rather as a quality drycleaning service you can rely on.

Maxwells Drycleaning is Christchurch's Number One Drycleaner.