The Myth of Frequent Cleanings

The myth that too frequent cleaning can damage garments has been around for many years. Perhaps this thought comes from people who have washed and dried items at home, especially brightly coloured garments, and after several washings noticed a colour loss, shrinkage or other distortion. While this may be true for garments cleaned in a domestic washer and drier, it is certainly not true of garments that are processed at your dry cleaner.

Here are some points to remember when comparing washing to dry cleaning:

  • Drycleaning is gentle on your clothes. The drycleaning process uses virtually no moisture which means no swelling or shrinking effect on the garment fibres.
  • Drycleaning is extremely gentle on the dyes and other finishes of your garments, such as embossing, polishing, waterproofing, and wrinkle-resistance.
  • Drycleaning's lower cleaning and drying temperatures are substantially gentler to your garments. The higher drying temperatures necessary for laundered items combined with tumbling and agitation can cause noticeable garment shrinkage and colour fading.

It may sound crazy, but professional dry cleaning will actually prolong the life of a garment. Timely cleaning can remove spots and stains that would otherwise become permanent with age. Ground-in dirt acts as an abrasive, causing rapid wear of fibres. Also, insects are attracted to food particles on your clothes and can cause irreparable damage. Professional stain removal and cleaning eliminate these problems, and professional pressing will keep your garments looking as close to new as possible. A properly cared-for garment will usually wear out from use or go out of style before the effects of cleaning could cause any damage.

You have a lot of money and emotions invested in your wardrobe.
Trust Maxwells Drycleaning to extend the life and maintain the quality of your investment.