Getting Married?

Preserve your Wedding & Formal wear!

According to Statistic New Zealand, more than 21,900 marriages took place in New Zealand in 2008. As a result, it's a busy time for your dry cleaner to be cleaning newly-married couples' formal wear.

The most obvious garment that the cleaner sees: the wedding dress. Wedding dresses have irreplaceable sentimental value for the owner, are usually very expensive, and are virtually impossible to clean properly and safely at home.

But here are some facts that make wedding dresses similar to any other garment brought in for professional cleaning:

  • The sooner it is brought in, the better. All stains become more difficult, if not impossible, to remove as they age. Time and temperature greatly affect the success of your drycleaners stain removal ability.
  • Identifying the stain greatly improves the stain removal success. You can help by telling us that the stain is wine, lipstick, grass stains, etc.
  • Most stains are in two predictable areas:
    • The front from the neckline to the waist or lap area for food or drinks spilled while eating.
    • The bottom hem and train areas from being dragged across the ground for several hours.

But, there are also some challenges for your cleaner that are specific to formal wear, and wedding gowns in particular. They include having to deal with delicate fabrics like silk or lace and easily damaged decorations like beads, sequins or pearls. Lastly, the colour white is the most difficult to completely clean, because even a shadow of a stain tends to stand out if not completely removed.

You can help Maxwells Drycleaning preserve your precious memories by bringing your wedding gown in as soon as possible for cleaning and packaging. (In fact, many brides ask their mother or bridesmaids to take the dress in while they are away on their honeymoon.)

Be sure to point out any stains whose origin you can identify. And if you can point out any areas of "hidden stains" from clear beverages or any areas that may have been spot-cleaned during the reception, this will help prevent these "invisible" stains from re-appearing while the gown is in storage.

With a little teamwork between you and Maxwells Drycleaning, your wedding gown can be cleaned and preserved safely--maybe to be worn in the future by your daughter!